The Artonomy Project is a live action multi-modal inquiry collaboration between students, staff and participants at Quest. The project blends experiential learning, community partnerships, and student agency while students explore themes through various arts forms.

Artonomy made its debut at the Quest Conference in 2012 as an art competition where secondary school art departments competed against one another within the York Region District School Board. Since then, it has developed into a way to feature student leadership and innovation and the infusion of technology and art through collaborative projects involving teams of students from various schools.

In 2018, Artonomy was set up as a series of hubs throughout the conference space.  Schools had installations that featured student work, developed in response to the conference theme, and process workshops where students worked on a collaborative project on-site while answering questions and engaging participants in the development of the artwork. Quest conference guests directly influenced the development of art as an expression of the learning taking place in the Quest community.

Check back to see what will be featured at this year’s Quest Artonomy Project!

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