Call for Off-Site Session Proposals

 We have very exciting news about Quest 2018! This year we are offering the opportunity for schools and departments to be part of the Quest well-being learning by hosting workshops at their locations! The workshop sessions on Friday, November 16th, 2018 will now be held at various off-site locations to provide hands on learning and allow participants to engage with and experience how well-being is implemented in schools and departments.

Please submit your proposal through the Quest 2018 Call For Off-Site Session Proposals. The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 22, 2018 at 4:00pm.

Quest 2018 off-site session proposal information:

Sessions must be held at a school or department location, and will be 2 hours in length, ending before noon.

Proposals must:

  1. Have a strong connection to the conference theme – “The Quest for Well-Being: Making Connections, Making Commitments”
  2. Be interactive, engaging and include students and/or other impacted groups. 
  3. Have a strong focus on one of the following interconnected themes, while emphasizing pedagogy and learning that support well-being:
    • Equity and Inclusive Education
    • Safe and Accepting Schools and Workplaces
    • Healthy Schools and Workplaces
    • Positive Mental Health
    • Eco Schools and Workplaces
  4. Able to provide information information and examples of how well-being is integrated into the school/classroom/department.
  5. Aligns with a comprehensive approach (i.e. board plan, school plan, organizational mandate, etc.)
  6. Be culturally responsive and inclusive.  
  7. Consider the impact on marginalized, underserved and/or vulnerable students or staff. 
  8. Have a primary audience, while ensuring information presented is applicable to multiple groups.
  9. Have a clear and engaging title.
  10. Have a clear description that identifies what the learner will take away.

Note: Original content/resources are preferred. Sessions must not infringe on copyrights (e.g. you must have permission to show a video that is not your property). It is understood that presenters may use/reference products or services during their session, however sessions cannot be based around the promotion of a product or service.

An invitation will be extended to applicants who have the highest scores based on the criteria listed above, with consideration given to balancing the needs of our diverse audience. Each session proposal will be reviewed by at least three members of the conference committee.

Successful applicants will be required to register for Quest 2018 by August 10th, 2018.

Proposal Components

To ensure that your proposal can be properly reviewed by the committee, you will need to complete the following (within the application form): 

1: Introduction
Confirm that you have read all of the posted information about Quest 2018 session proposals.

2: Session Information
​Choose a title, program description and number of participants your session can accommodate.

​3: Audience​
Confirm who your primary audience would be and who else would benefit from attending your session. For example, if your primary audience is elementary teachers, find a way to make it applicable to administrators and support staff by sharing how they can help support the teachers.

​4: Content​
Complete and upload the Well-Being Monitoring Organizer.
Schools please download the School Well-Being Team Monitoring Organizer
Departments please download the Department Well-Being Team Monitoring Organizer.

​5: Presenter Information​
​Add presenter names, titles, employers and contact information. All communication regarding the session will be sent to Presenter #1.

Note: Session supplies and teacher coverage are not funded by the Quest Conference.
Only the key presenter and one co-presenter will be identified in the Quest 2018 Program.

If you have any questions regarding Quest 2018 session proposals, please direct them to