Five Components of Well-Being

The York Region District School Board is committed to providing safe, welcoming, inclusive learning and working environments for all students and staff.  The Quest conference reinforces this commitment through Quest 2018 – The Quest for Well-Being.

When you attend Quest 2018 you will be fully immersed in well-being activities. Our five components for well-being are the basis for our keynote addresses, workshop presentations and each supporting element of the conference. This includes student messaging, The Artonomy project, The Playground, Quest Journal as well as our vendor displays and community services.

As you participate at Quest 2018 our hope is that you will consider the impact of well-being actions and strategies taken over the year, and continue to implement strategies within these five components with a deeper knowledge that will be a focus for improved well-being in your respective schools or workplaces over the 2018-19 school year. We encourage you to take carefully considered, meaningful, and innovative well-being action when you return to your role in education.

The five components include:  Equity and Inclusive Education, Safe and Accepting Schools and Workplaces, Healthy Schools and Workplaces, Positive Mental Health, and Eco Schools and Workplaces.

Equitable and Inclusive Schools Logo Equity and Inclusive Education – Identify discriminatory biases and remove systemic barriers in order to support achievement and well-being for all.
Caring and Safe Schools Logo Safe and Accepting Schools and Workplaces – Provide safe, inclusive and accepting learning and working environments that support the achievement and well-being of every student and staff member. 
Healthy Schools and Workplaces Logo Healthy Schools and Workplaces – Create learning and working conditions for students and staff to adopt healthy active living practices and maintain them throughout their lives.
Positive Mental Health Logo Positive Mental Health – Support mental health for all students and staff members by reducing stigma, promoting mental health and supporting those who are struggling to access care.
Environmental Stewardship Logo Eco Schools and Workplaces – Empower students and staff with the knowledge, skills, perspectives and desire to act as environmentally responsible citizens.