The York Region District School Board is committed to student achievement and well-being by working to ensure equitable access and outcomes through accessible and inclusive learning and working environments. The Quest conference reinforces this commitment through Quest 2019 – The Quest for Indigenous Education and Equity.

When you attend Quest 2019 you will be fully immersed in learning of Indigenous Education and Equity. Our four key strategy components are the basis for our keynote addresses, workshop presentations and each supporting element of the conference. This includes student messaging, The Artonomy project, The Playground, The Backyard Space, Quest Journal as well as our vendor displays and community services.

The four key strategy components include:  Building Knowledge and Capacity, Learning, Teaching and Assessment, Disrupting Oppression, and Engaging Families, Guardians and Communities.

 Building Knowledge and Capacity Building Knowledge and Capacity – involves understanding that inequitable structures, policies and practices create barriers which negatively affect student access to programming, achievement and well-being.
 Learning, Teaching and Assessment Learning, Teaching and Assessment – involve practices that are reflective and responsive to students’ social identities and employs Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy.
 Disrupting Oppression Disrupting Oppression – involves identifying and addressing organizational structures, policies, programs and practices (e.g., discipline, streaming, hiring, parent engagement) that uphold power and privilege and maintain anti-Indigenous racism, antiblack racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism, classism, homophobia, transphobia and ableism.
 Engaging Families, Guardians and Communities Engaging Families, Guardians and Communities – build trusting relationships with them and when we understand and are responsive to their assets, lived experiences, perspectives and needs particularly for those harmed and/or marginalized by the education system.