Active Learning Lab Active Learning Lab

Hands on sessions where participants can try new technologies or strategies that will inform practice. Work through challenges to create solutions! Students can be co-learners or learning leaders.

Discourse and Dialogue Discourse and Dialogue

High energy group discussions moderated by learning leaders. Challenging questions from participants will guide the nature of the talk on a particular challenge.

Learning Narrative Learning Narrative

Jurisdictional, system and professional stories of success, failure and lessons learned. Storytelling connects people to learning in deeper ways; it allows people to learn from one another.

Multiple Perspective Panel Multiple Perspectives Panel

Learn about a range of approaches to a single learning challenge. Panels can involve educators, students, parents, and other partners who may hold different perspectives and experiences.

Putting the Puzzle Together Putting the Puzzle Together

Pragmatic sessions that provide a series of steps to a learning solution. Session leaders will take participants through their planning, implementation and indicators of impact.

BlendedInspire Session

Partial delivery of content and instruction via digital/online media.

Inspire Sessions Inspire Session

Framing sessions are in the ballroom and attended by all participants. Sessions will feature keynote addresses, co-host sessions, panel discussions and student entertainment. Please note: this session type is for reference and does not appear in the call for proposal session list.
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