Quest 2018 Videos

The York Region District School Board and Quest are pleased to make available the keynote addresses from The Quest for Well-Being – Making Connection, Making Commitments so that we can all work towards creating more inclusive and supportive environments for all.

Please enjoy the highlights of Quest 2018!Knowledge Keeper, Maria Montejo

(20:20)Dr. Jean Clinton – “Quest for Well-Being: Making Connections, Making Commitments”

(40:53)Kim Katrin Milan – “Centering Care in Equity”

(41:57)Indigenous Education Officer, Nick Bertrand

(15:32)Jennifer Moss – “Unlocking Happiness in Education”

(47:51)Neil Pasricha – “The Science of Positive Growth Mindset”


Erum Naqvi – Markham District High School


Ron Hyman – Thornhill Secondary School

(5:18)Kelly Wang – Ashton Meadows Public School


Maariyah Malik – Ashton Meadows Public School


Misha Khushal – Lake Wilcox Public School

(5:16)Rachel Tian – Silver Pines Public School

(5:25)Paige Kemper – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

(4:55)Rachel Ruffo – Markville Secondary School

(7:50)Zane Charendoff – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

(4:43)Evaan Shetye and Purathani Varatharajah – Pierre Elliot Trudeau High School

(5:12)Dan Yang – Maple Secondary School

(5:01)Serena Dippolito – Keswick Public School

(5:33)Siona Phadke – Thornhill Secondary School

(4:39)Waseem Rabba – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

(11:02)Emily Zhang – Adrienne Clarkson Public School

(8:07)Kiana Wong – Unionville High School

(6:50)Idil Abdi – Stephen Lewis Secondary School