The 2019 Quest Playground focuses on the conference themes of Indigenous Education and Equity. There are a number of different stations within the Quest Playground that attendees can visit and participate in. Attendees will have an opportunity to explore a Toronto reclaimed by nature in a VR experience, examine multimedia resources connected to indigenous education, see students engaging in a design challenge focusing on equity, interact with indigenous music, see technology that allows indigenous content and experiences to be brought into the classroom, and explore artifacts related to the history of the York Region District School Board.

The National Film Board’s Biidaaban: First Light VR Experience

An engrossing Virtual Reality experience brought to you by the National Film Board, Biidaaban is “an interactive VR project that illuminates how Indigenous languages can help us understand our place in a reconciled version of Canada’s largest urban environment” (NFB).

Indigenous Education and Equity Resources for the Classroom

At the Playground Professional Library Multimedia station, you’ll find various starting points for implementing Indigenous Education and Equity in the classroom. Come check out the print and digital tools available from YRDSB to support lesson design and learning experiences for students around Indigenous Education and Equity.

Indigenous Music: Teaching in a Good Way

Join us in the “heart” of The Playground to slow down and take a few thoughtful minutes to reflect on key ideas from the document, Teaching In A Good Way, while listening to contemporary Indigenous music artists.

Google Tour Creator 

Have you explored Google Earth Voyager stories? Have you experienced how they can take you around the globe and introduce you to new and exciting places and stories? Come join us to learn how to create your own global story using Google Earth, Street View, and Google Tour Creator.

Assistive Technology Tools for the Classroom

How do I access the land if I can’t get there? How do I share so others can listen to me? Come learn how to answer these questions! In this space, you will experience how to use different tools to engage in virtual field trips. Explore how to foster authentic student experiences and empower a collaborative learning environment where teachers and students learn from each other.

Museum and Archives

The York Region District School Board’s Museum and Archives documents changes and developments in public education in York Region. At The Quest Playground you will have the opportunity to use our multilayered interactive digital map to explore the history of York Region. Through a selection of artefacts, we will introduce you to critical thinking, museum style!

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