The Playground

The Playground first appeared at the Quest Conference in 2015  as a Makerspace.  Participants were able to try their hand at coding, green-screening, designing and more.

In 2016, the Playground focussed on the three key areas of our Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) including areas designated to Mathematics, Modern Learning and Mental Health.  With hands-on math games and robust problem solving opportunities, educators were able to explore the elements of a comprehensive math program by engaging in rich learning opportunities, collaborative problem solving, puzzles and games.  The Modern Learning area included robotics, coding and ways to support learning through innovation and exploration.  In the Mental Health and Well-Being area, educators were able to decompress and unwind with calming mindfulness activities as well as interactive activities like bucket drumming and dance.

In 2017 and 2018, the Playground engaged in a more integrated approach and explored numerous ways to support Well-Being.  With engaging curriculum connections to mathematics and modern learning, participants were able to explore new and innovative ways to support deep learning.

Special guests made the Playground a unique experience every day!  A talented artist represented their thoughts using Lego; participants interacted with therapy dogs who support students with anxiety or helped reluctant readers take risks to read aloud.  The Playground offered participants the time for a breather from the excitement of the conference with a ten-minute yoga debrief and explored the importance of brain-body connections.  

As always, the Playground challenged participants with new and innovative tools and approaches to learning. Groups had the opportunity to play a mini-Breakout EDU game; learn to code a robot; or just take a minute in the down-regulation space. Participants also heard from students and teachers first-hand the importance of student leadership, engagement and voice in their schools.

Thank you for participating in the excitement of the Playground 2018, and stay tuned for information and updates for Playground 2019!