Video Resources

The York Region District School Board and Quest are pleased to make available the keynote addresses from The Quest for Well-Being – Making Connection, Making Commitments so that we can all work towards creating more inclusive and supportive environments for all.

Please enjoy the highlights of Quest 2018!

Knowledge Keeper, Maria Montejo

(20:20)Dr. Jean Clinton – “Quest for Well-Being: Making Connections, Making Commitments”


Kim Katrin Milan – “Centering Care in Equity”

(41:57)Indigenous Education Officer, Nick Bertrand



Jennifer Moss – “Unlocking Happiness in Education”

(47:51)Neil Pasricha – “The Science of Positive Growth Mindset”


Erum Naqvi – Markham District High School


Ron Hyman – Thornhill Secondary School

(5:18)Kelly Wang – Ashton Meadows Public School


Maariyah Malik – Ashton Meadows Public School


Misha Khushal – Lake Wilcox Public School

(5:16)Rachel Tian – Silver Pines Public School

(5:25)Paige Kemper – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

(4:55)Rachel Ruffo – Markville Secondary School

(7:50)Zane Charendoff – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

(4:43)Evaan Shetye and Purathani Varatharajah – Pierre Elliot Trudeau High School

(5:12)Dan Yang – Maple Secondary School

(5:01)Serena Dippolito – Keswick Public School

(5:33)Siona Phadke – Thornhill Secondary School

(4:39)Waseem Rabba – Stephen Lewis Secondary School

(11:02)Emily Zhang – Adrienne Clarkson Public School

(8:07)Kiana Wong – Unionville High School

(6:50)Idil Abdi – Stephen Lewis Secondary School